Sync your iPod Shuffle with Linux


The iPod shuffle is a great little device but unfortunately it is buit to work with iTunes and comes with an almost undecipherable file system and database. Apple’s motives are clear here, buy a Mac and use iTunes. Fortunately for us you can save your money as there are a variety of ways to sync your Shuffle using some common Linux utilities.

Now it’s not all rosy, for some reason the iPod Shuffle support on Linux is shaky compared to other iPod models. This guide will walk you though all these problems and get your iPod Shuffle playing nice with your Linux system. This guide will focus on Ubuntu but these instructions will work with any Linux distribution out there.

Step 1: Initial Setup

If you have a new iPod Shuffle you can start here. If you are having problems skip down to the troubleshooting section.

Install gtkpod

Normally you have to connect your Shuffle to iTunes to setup the initial directory structure. gtkpod will handle this instead which allows your shuffle to locate and play music.

Install gtkpod:
$ sudo apt-get install gtkpod

Setup iTunes Directory Structure

Now connect your Shuffle to your computer and it should automatically mount to /media/IPOD or something similar. Start gtkpod.

Click on the New iPod icon and it should ask to create the iPod directory structure. Follow the instructions and choose your iPod model (Shuffle 2nd gen/3rd gen, etc.).

Step 2: Adding Music

Now that the Shuffle has the initial directory structure you can add music. You can use a variety of applications to do this.

If you use gtkpod or Rhythmbox they will work with the iTunes directory format and update the music database automatically. If you want to use Banshee or you want to add music using a file manager like Nautilus or Thunar you will have to download the shuffle_db program to update the database for you.

Optional: Download shuffle_db

This is a little Python program allows you to use the player almost like any other USB flash MP3 player. You simply copy MP3 files onto it using any file manager or application such as Banshee or Rhythmbox then simply run the rebuild_db program to build the music database.

Download shuffle_db:

Once you have downloaded the shuffle_db program, copy it to the root directory on the iPod Shuffle. Now you can add music to the root directory of the Shuffle and when you are done run the script to update the music database.

Execute the script. Your iPod my be mounted at a different location.
$ /media/IPOD/

Step 3: Unmount Shuffle and Enjoy

That should be it. Safely unmount your Shuffle and you should be able to listen to music right away.


The Shuffle is visible to Rhythmbox or gtkpod but no songs are listed

The permissions on the Shuffle are incorrect or the database is corrupted. This can happen if you have gone a long time since you last added music to your iPod Shuffle and there have been significant changes to your system (updated distribution, or updated gtkpod/Rhythmbox).

You can proceed in one of two ways.

1) Download shuffle_db program and execute it to rebuild your music database.

2) Remove all songs from the device and start at Step 1 above.

Clear the device. Be very careful here.
$ sudo rm -rf /media/IPOD/* won’t execute

The iPod file system or the lacks the execute permissions.

Make sure it have execute permissions.
$ chmod +x /media/IPOD/

Try executing the program as root (be careful here).
$ sudo /media/IPOD/

If that doesn’t work you with have to manually mount the iPod Shuffle and execute the script.

Note: The following locations may differ on your system. Make sure that they are correct before executing any code.

Unmount the Shuffle.
$ sudo umount /media/IPOD

Create the new mount directory.
$ mkdir /media/my_ipod

Mount the iPod with a less restrictive umask. This will allow you to execute the script.
$ sudo mount /dev/sdb /media/my_ipod -o umask=0000

You should now be able to execute the script as root.
$ sudo /media/IPOD/

IPod wont play music, green amber flashing lights

The database is corrupted. You need to open Rhythmbox or gtkpod again, or rerun depending on how you added music in the first place.

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  • Johannes

    Thanks a lot. This helped to revive my old Ipod Shuffle 2nd gen.

  • xavieronassis

    Thanks you so much. Finally something that works!

  • frustrated

    Does it works with the model A1271, because it is still not listed in the gtkpod wiki:

  • Miguel-Palacio

    wow, this was quite useful. Thank you so much, as Johannes said, this helped to revive my Ipod Shuffle

  • Stuart

    Thankyou for this, just what I was looking for – works great!
    (Had to modify the last mentioned command from ‘media/IPOD/’ to ‘/media/my_ipod/’ to reflect the newly created directory, but that’s a minor quibble – thanks for posting – very much appreciated!)

  • ugh

    It works, thanks! But having to jump through so many hoops is absurd. I’m giving this shuffle away, and never purchasing another Apple product. Ugh.

    • Tobias Kerst

      Yes, it’s insane, how they make you use Mac OS, or Windows.

  • mauricio

    I give up. I will keep using iTunes for this device. I tried every single step found here and nothing. The iPod just blinks and blinks when I try to play a song. seems to work and tells me OK. Banshee seems to work and add songs nice and easy. I unmount the device and then try to use it and play somthing and It just blinks.
    I have almost 4 years trying to solve this problem.
    I will have to switch to Win2 each time I want to load new music to this 2º Gen Apple iPod Shuffle. As I was the last 4 years. Before that It used to work nice in Banshee.

  • SarahMarie

    my computer is not able to connect with my ipod and i don´t know what to do! heeeeelp please! :-/

  • Miguel Olave

    Excellent!!!! Easy and Fast!!