Fix insync Gnome Shell extension error on Ubuntu


I ran into a problem using the insync service which synchronizes your files in Ubuntu and your Google Drive account. For some reason the Gnome Shell extension, which shows the insync’s status, was not showing up. When I looked at the Gnome Tweak Tool it showed an error had occured.

It turns out that the extension name was the same as another extension I had installed. Here is the error from .xsession-errors.

$ cat .xsession-errors | grep brett
JS LOG: /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions/
JS LOG: Extension "" had error: Error: Extension point conflict: there is already a status indicator for role places-menu

To fix this you need to modify the extension name:


function enable() {
_app = new GnomeApp;
Main.panel.addToStatusArea('places-menu', _app);

function enable() {
_app = new GnomeApp;
Main.panel.addToStatusArea('places-menu-insync', _app);

Then restart Gnome Shell by hitting alt+f2 and typing the letter ‘r’ into the window.

Don’t forget to make sure the extension is enabled in the Gnome Shell Tweak tool.

  • humph.

    Is this a permanent change you do, or just a temporary one then rename it back after another shell restart? Weird, but thanks, it works for now!

  • Andrey Carlos Macarini

    Thank you!! Solved my problem!!