Hide a Node or Page Title in Drupal


Having the ability to hide the node title would seem like a feature that would be included in Drupal by default, unfortunately this is not the case. There have been a variety of suggestions on how to accomplish this task from creating a custom view to hacking the code on page.tpl.php itself.

By far the best way I have found so far is the exclude_node_title module.


The exclude_node_title module provides a checkbox on node-edit pages for easier exclusion, or you can use the admin page to manually enter a list of node id’s to exclude title. This module is available with Drupal version 6 and 7.

  • http://evolvnet.com/ Dave Myers

    Thanks for this tip. For some reason this module wasn’t working for me on first install, but after a totally different glitch forced me to reinstall the entire code base as well as all the modules, the exclude node title module worked.